WOXEN supply diesel generators for virtually every market sector in UK business. The one common denominator is the requirement for efficient, reliable power – either for prime power or on standby

Manufacturing. Whether it’s to supplement mains power for high demand machinery or to provide back-up in case of mains failure, WOXEN diesel generators are chosen by leading manufacturers throughout the world

Commerce. From warehousing to offices and shops no business can afford to be without a backup power supply. One only has to imagine a huge supermarket suddenly plunged into darkness to see why WOXEN diesel generators can be found in the generator rooms of some very well-known premises

Oil and Gas. Pumping fluids is vital for our economy and our population. Without giant pumping stations to keep the oil and gas under pressure our power stations would shut down and, at a domestic level, our home heating and cooking appliances wouldn’t work. Add to that the need for power to supply drilling operations, often in remote locations around the globe, and its easy to see why WOXEN generators are in demand

Data Centres. Data storage and access is something we take very much for granted. We expect to be able to access our files and our emails whenever we want to so the centres where the servers keep our data safe cannot afford to go off-line, ever. That’s why you’ll find WOXEN diesel generators in data centres all over the world.

Telecommunications. We expect to be able to use our mobile phones, lap tops and tablets practically anywhere these days but these devices rely on being able to communicate through transmitter masts. In western countries these masts are usually mains powered but in more remote places they rely on having a diesel generator to provide the power to keep us all connected. Even in places where mains power is reliable most main transmitters are equipped with a diesel generator in case the mains fail.

Agriculture. Frequently at the end of long spur cables farmers cannot rely on mains power for everything they do. They cannot afford to be without power for animal and poultry sheds, milking parlours or lambing sheds. Even intensive market gardens need constant power for light, heat, ventilation and watering systems. Add to that the seasonal requirement for heavy demand equipment such as grain dryers and food processing plants and, again, you’ll find WOXEN diesel generators ready to keep the farms in production

Construction. The construction industry, by its nature, frequently operates in situations where there is no mains power. Much of their equipment is self-powered but they still need site lighting, ground water drainage and power to site offices and staff welfare units. Cue WOXEN diesel generators.

Mining. Lighting systems, ground water pumping, air circulation, conveyor belt systems, underground transport and even the minining face equipment all need safe, reliable power. Mines are generally in remote locations and their power demands are very high so diesel generators are generally the answer.

Utilities. From street lights to drinking water supplies our utilities companies cannot afford to be off-line without causing huge problems for us all. Sewage pumping stations frequently have to move a great deal of product over quite considerable distances – if they lose power the consequences can be overwhelming. Water pumping stations all have diesel generator back-up to ensure that the water flows when we turn the tap on

Domestic and Leisure. In many parts of the world there is no mains power supply, in many more the supply is intermittent or very unreliable. Even in countries with a well-established power grid there are increasing doubts that the power generation companies will be able to cope with ever increasing demand. In all these situations a small generator, powered by diesel or petrol, is generally the answer and WOXEN supply both.

Emergency Services and Disaster Relief. Emergencies rarely happen in places where rescue services can plug in to the mains for all the equipment they carry with them. Disasters, by their nature, tend to include loss of power, even if it was there in the first place. In all such circumstances a dependable, efficient diesel generator is usually the answer and WOXEN are right there to support the people we depend on in an emergency

Military and Police. Military forces around the world have to be prepared to operate in remote and hostile environments at a moment’s notice. They have to take their own power supply with them to provide essential services in the field, whether it’s a camp or a field hospital, an airfield or a communications platform.

Hospitals and Clinics. For a hospital to suffer a power cut is not an option. Operating theatres, intensive care units, patient monitoring systems, even the kitchens have to operate continuously. Add to that the huge power demand for equipment such as MRI scanners, x-ray and radio therapy units and at least one large diesel generator is essential for any hospital.