WOXEN CKD (Complete Knock Down) and SKD (Semi Knock Down)

  • We are able to ship partly built generators (SKD) for customers with local assembly capability.
  • CKD – Engines, alternators, base frame and Control Panels can be shipped in packages for Export to save on Import Duty and local Tariffs.

For those customers who wish to assemble generators locally, we are able to ship partly built generators (SKD) or just the engine and alternators. This can offer significant savings on both assembly costs as well as potential savings on Import Duty and local Tariffs.

In certain Countries like Nigeria, Pakistan and many in the Middle East where finished and complete canopied diesel generators carry onerous Import Duties and other local Tax Tariffs, it is becoming ever more prohibitive to import.

It therefore makes sense for re sellers and generator dealers in countries where import duties are high, to consider buying partly completed generators (SKD) that have to be ‘finished off’ and assembled locally.

At woxen we are finding more of our customers, some of whom strayed and bought cheap, inferior goods over recent years are now wanting the peace of mind that comes with buying well engineered and manufactured generators. The solution offered by woxen with its range of CKD and SKD options can offer a commercially viable solution to this.

If you are a reseller of generators in Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, Kenya or in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or in fact in any country where import taxes are high, call us for some free advice and ask us about CKD and SKD options. We would be happy to help provide UK part manufactured generators and components if you feel this is the right option for you. Some restrictions apply.

For more information  E-mail info@woxengenerator.com.