Turkey has a unique strategic position at the crossroads of East and West which endows this country with nearly ten-thousand years of history. Turkey’s economy is second only to China among the world’s fastest-growing economies. With a growing popularity, Turkey has impressive economic and political openings for the new emerging markets. As part of Asia and part of Europe, Turkey has remarkably wide climatic and geographical variations. Due to its location, surrounded by seas on three sides, Turkey as always been the center of great trade, silk and spice routes. For any international student, Turkey has a lot to offer: high quality education and a very multicultural population, lively cities and beautiful landscapes, artistic, cultural and sportive events. Living and studying in Turkey will definitely inspire one and change ones perspective permanently.

The quality of the education and teaching staff at Turkish Universities offers you a world of opportunities to get the skills you will need for a global world. Degrees granted by Turkish Universities are recognized around the world. Modern campuses with outstanding facilities You will find libraries and advanced laboratories in which you can search for and acquire knowledge. With sports and cultural facilities, student clubs and dormitories you will enjoy being a student in Turkey.

Our partner universities are:

  • Coventry University
  • Istanbul Aydin University
  • Kadir Has University
  • Yasar University

Partner Universities in Turkey