When a student comes to Cornwall ET. for the purpose of applying for studying abroad, he is asked if he has taken IELTS or not. This test requires expertise in four skills of language: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. There is a face to face interview in the speaking test conducted by a certified examiner. Being interactive in nature, this test is close to the real life situation.

Our strategic partners ADIUVO Consultants (www.adiuvoconsultants.net) are a registered partner of British Council and through this partnership it is able to book and register students for IELTS on the behalf of British Council Pakistan. Hence, this facilitates the students in terms of the availability of dates, availability of application form, bank timings and practice material. One window service is provided by Cornwall ET. for aspiring students so that they are registered for IELTS. Free practice material will be provided to the students if they get themselves registered through Cornwall ET. Quality material and trained teachers will be there to assist the students and train them for IELTS.

In order to get registered with IELTS, the following documents are needed:

  • Copy of ID card or Passport
  • 02 passport size photographs
  • Accurate Fee Draft to be paid to British Council
  • Certificate of the recent education

Following are the steps that will help in the registration for IELTS:

  • Visit the office of Cornwall ET.
  • Fill the application form of IELTS in our office
  • Select the proposed dates for IELTS
  • Pay IELTS fee to the recommended bank branch
  • Registration is completed now!